What is Airtime Fitness?

Airtime Fitness is an online subscription-based fitness program with real coaches, real workouts, and real results.

We offer guided online workout sessions that target endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. You will build muscle, burn fat, and see real results by working out at home with us.

What are the benefits of working out at home?

Working out at home has a host of benefits that many people can enjoy even with the busiest life circumstances. Here are some of the top reasons why Airtime Fitness could be a great fit for you.

You’re not at the mercy of the gym – Does your local gym stick to cardio and group classes? Do you want guidance on weight training? Have you ever bought an expensive gym membership but then avoided going because you felt uncomfortable?

Gyms can vary in quality, size, price and operating hours. In many cases, not everyone feels comfortable working out publicly. Sure, you get a cool gym bag, but you may not necessarily get as good a workout because you prefer the privacy. Try working out from your living room with Airtime Fitness – all it takes is some basic equipment and a screen to stream our videos! Focus on yourself, your health, and your gains right at home with live workout sessions.

Save time and save money – Forget rushing out of the house to make it to a cardio class in the dead of winter. Just put on your workout clothes, grab your home equipment and tune in. Focusing your energy on working out rather than getting to the gym will help you stay consistent at doing so.

Stay on top of your workouts – Use our Route 28 challenge along with our printable calendar to stay fit and on top of your workouts. These workouts offer targeted guidance to get you moving. Plus, instead of spending $30+ for a membership and any additional personal training fees, you’re spending less than a third of the cost for quality home workouts, exercise training tips, recipes and the ability to communicate with professional coaches for any questions, concerns or advice regarding exercise.

Exercise when you want to – Having the freedom to work out when and where you want to is a luxury –but don’t think for a second that we’ll let you get lazy about it! Our workouts will get you moving and help you stay focused on your goals. Need flexibility when it comes to time? Have a busy schedule? You can fit a good workout into your schedule even if you’re busy. Airtime Fitness makes it possible for you to make time to exercise no matter the case.

Work out with your family – Gyms have age limits making it difficult for kids under the age of 16 to work out. Why not convert some of your workouts into a family activity? Weight training is excellent for young boys and girls who are looking to stay fit and active. Maybe your kids play on sports teams and could use some extra muscle. Round up the family, grab some weights and feel the benefits of working out together – effective immediately!

Get results – Gyms don’t always have results in mind – at least, not without the use of a personal trainer. However, not everyone can afford to pay for one. That’s why Airtime Fitness is a great solution. You can focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses and have more productive workouts with access to advice from our personal coaches Rob and Carole. Plus, with guided and targeted workout sessions, you will feel the difference in your body shortly after you begin. Airtime Fitness is an effective, inexpensive workout solution, which fits into your schedule and most of all— gives you results.

Protect your muscles and joints – The truth is, gym machines are not the best for your muscles and joints – in fact, they can be dangerous. Over-exertion and muscle damage are highly possible if you’re not using them properly and, quite simply, equipment is meant to be more cost-effective rather than actually effective. Protect your muscles and joints by using home workout techniques that machines continually strive to simulate. Plus… there are no lineups or waiting around for that one machine that’s always in use. Go to the source by using home equipment options like barbells and dumbbells with Airtime Fitness’s home workout sessions.

Privacy – Another great aspect of working out at home is that it’s nice and private. It’s home. Think about it – your ego gets out of the way with no one to compare yourself to – it’s just you with yourself, your body and your will to achieve! Work out from a designated area in your home that offers privacy and relaxation – you’ll never have to worry about comparing yourself to anyone at that gym or having to maintain an image. Make your workouts about personal growth and giving yourself the time to get and stay healthy and fit.