We’ve upped the ante.

Airtime Fitness delivers an online workout program that has grabbed international attention. It’s changing the way people think about when, where, and how they work out. 

We are taking online fitness to a whole new level with workouts that include plyometrics, strength training, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a schedule that will fit every lifestyle, every goal, and every budget. It’s completely scalable to your needs and abilities.

Airtime Fitness is YOUR gym – a place to sweat, to grow, and to join with a community of amazing people who have decided to make fitness a priority in their lives.

Join us and see the difference for yourself!

Meet the Airtime Coaches

Founder – Head Coach

Rob Brydges

Rob trains athletes one on one and hosts our Airtime Fitness online workout program.

He’s a certifed trainer and occasionally funny.

Ok, he’s always funny.

Number of grey hairs on his head – 816

Airtime Coach and online co-host

Carole Maillet

About Carole Maillet

Carole is a mother of two. A national roller derby player. Certified personal trainer. Athletic coach. 

And a ball of energy. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

She’s also co-host of the online Airtime Fitness workout program.

Oh, and she patiently deals with Rob on an hourly basis.

Number of grunts per workout – 48

Airtime Coach

Avery Dorman

Avery is our resident young strong man. He coaches both in our studio and online. He’s an athlete and loves the gym.

Airtime Coach

Amanda Kervin

A mild-mannered but determined mother of 3. Amanda has done it herself – she has lost all her baby weight and now helps others do the same. She coaches in our studio.

Airtime Coach

Pam Leclair

Pam loves to roller derby. She’s an active athlete and coaches in studio.

And meet the people who keep the lights on.

CFO, Airtime Fitness Manager

Lara Kervin

Lara takes care of our payment systems, human resources, administration, and she moonlights as an occasional camera girl.

Tech Support & Management

Jon Adamson

Jon is a long time friend of Rob’s.

Jon makes sure the website is always running smoothly and is updated on time. That means juggling so many different functions – website management, video uploading, tech support, and taking care of general requests.